Parth’s dilemma intensifies with Shorvori’s return in Dil Se Dil Tak


Shorvori wants to go away from Parth and Teni. They have a face to face meet. Shorvori lies that she isn’t the one whom they are finding. She tells them that she doesn’t know any Shorvori. Parth asks her to swear on him. Shorvori tries to leave in a rush. Parth tells her that he can’t be wrong to identify her, he can never leave her, she can’t lie to him. He threatens to jump down the cliff and give his life if she doesn’t accept she is Shorvori. He wants to prove she is his Shorvori. He tells her that he will die, as it wouldn’t make any difference to her. Teni begs Shorvori to save Parth’s life.

Teni asks Parth to stop his madness. Shorvori says you can jump down, I don’t care. Teni reminds her their love. She says Parth can give his life for you, just stop him, else everything will end, he is my husband, stop him from dying.

Shorvori stops Parth. She accepts she is Shorvori. Teni and Shorvori’s mangalsutra get stuck, which Parth manages to unwind. He gets glad that he got Shorvori. He then gets in a dilemma seeing his two wives. He worries to tell Shorvori that he married Teni and loves her. Teni too thinks of her relation with Parth. Shorvori didn’t wish to create a stir in their new life. Still, she had to give up to Parth’s madness and accept everything.



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