Sanjay and Durga get reunited in Meri Durga


Durga tries to relieve Sanjay of his guilt. She tells him that she has forgiven him, knowing he was just obeying his parents, which every child should do. She consoles Sanjay. He feels bad for Gayatri’s deeds. She justifies Gayatri as a mother. She asks him to forgive Gayatri, to which she refuses. Neelkant demands an answer from Gayatri. She doesn’t prefer to answer him.

Sanjay and Durga apologize to each other for their bitterness. They reunite. Sanjay’s guilt gets on increasing. He gets on shedding tears of repentance. He accepts Durga as his wife heartily. Durga helps him forget the matter. Umang tells the family that he has seen his dad. The family misunderstands him, as he has never seen Madhav. They wish Umang and Amrita’s sorrow gets less. Amrita apologizes to Madhav, and reveals that Umang hasn’t seen his father till date. Madhav feels bad for Umang. He hurries to take away Umang with him. Amrita doesn’t identify him.

Gayatri can’t deal with Sanjay’s hatred. She vents out anger on Durga. She tries to kill herself. Durga asks her to give some time to Sanjay and wait for his forgiveness. Gayatri apologizes to Sanjay. He refuses to acknowledge as his mum. He forgives her for the past and ends ties with her. He gives up all the anger and annoyance, declaring her dead for him. He takes a shocking decision of leaving the house. Gayatri begs him not to go away. He doesn’t listen. Durga stops Sanjay and changes his decision.


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