Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Aaliya to fall in huge trouble


Aaliya gets blackmailed by the money lender. The man pressurizes her to get the money to his house, without informing her family. Aaliya finds tough to arrange money. Raman gets angry on Romi and Ruhi, who defend Ishita. He asks them not to meet Ishita. Simmi asks them to obey Raman. Raman asks Ruhi to leave the house if she really wants to meet Ishita. Raman gets ready to meet his prospective bride. Simmi influences him. Romi vents out anger on Simmi. He finds the family getting blind in hatred. Ishita finds ways to stop Raman’s marriage.

She learns Raman is going to meet an alliance. Ishita decides to meet a lawyer and seek a solution. Parmeet asks Ishita to stop trying, as Raman can never become of her now. He tells her that even her spying won’t help. He warns Aaliya against meeting Ishita. Parmeet angers Ishita. Bala finds the alliance and tells her about Raman’s anger issues. He asks the woman not to marry Raman if she wants her future to stay bright.

Raman meets the woman, who appears suitable for him. He tells her that he is marrying just for his daughter’s sake. The woman gives him the list of his expectations. Raman disapproves her for making fun of marriage by a long list of demands. He scolds Simmi for not finding someone good. The woman thanks Bala for his right advice. She finds Raman a ill-mannered and angered person.

Aaliya seeks help from Ishita. She goes to meet the money lender to pay off the debts. Bala plans to cheer up Ishita by sharing his good deed done to fail Simmi’s plans. Aaliya falls in big trouble when she meets the money-lender. He stops her from calling anyone for help. The man compels Aaliya to transfer Adi’s shares to him. Aaliya refuses to him. She tries to fight to save her life. Aaliya shoots the man in defence.


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