Shwetlana tricks Shivay into her new plotting in Ishqbaaz


Shivay tries hard to find the reason behind his bankruptcy. He checks his account and learns the account funds zeroed. He worries for arranging a big amount in just an hour. He hides his problems from Anika. She doesn’t trust him and doubts that he is hiding something. Shivay romances her to divert her from spying. Tej pities Shivay. He feels Shivay can’t set anything right today, when the jeweller will ruin his respect publicly. Veer wants to see how Shivay gets humiliated. He asks Tej to prepare for the next step.

Shivay attends a puja with his brothers. He wants to do anything to save his family’s respect and brothers’ happiness. Like ever, Shivay and his brothers do the aarti together. Veer compliments them on their unity and love. He waits for the jeweller to come home and create a scene, to smash Shivay’s attitude. Tej meets the jeweller and pays him for humiliating Shivay. He asks the jeweller to take back the shagun jewellery which Shivay bought for his sister-in-law. Tej turns wicked.

The jeweller demands the money from Shivay. Before he could create a scene, Shivay manages to pay off the money by selling his grandpa’s prosperity coin. Shivay makes the jeweller apologize for his ill words against his family. Shivay teaches him a lesson. Tej and Veer turn raging when they see their plan flopping. Tej assures Veer that their next strike will break down Shivay. Anika finds the laptop and understands something is bothering Shivay. She asks him about breaking the laptop in anger. She tries asking him the problem. Shivay asks her to keep her trust and not worry.

Shivay doesn’t think all the series of problems are happening by coincidence. He feels there is surely some enemy who is plotting against him. He checks about Shwetlana, whom he got arrested. Inspector lies to him and sends a picture to prove Shwetlana is in jail. Shwetlana and Veer bribe the inspector. Shwetlana meets her sisters Tia and Soumya. The sisters plan to ruin Oberois. Shwetlana is sure Shivay can’t defeat the unknown enemy. She plays a new plan to cheat Shivay. Shivay gets a clue that its Shwetlana behind the entire conspiracy. He tries to find out her evil intentions. He decides to find out the mills’ fire incident to reach to the roots of the secret and protect his family.


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