Vidyut to cut-off Avni-Neil’s strength in Naamkarann


Avni gets scared of the sudden happiness coming her way. Neil assures her that he will fill her life with happiness, darkness can never touch her from now. He asks Avni to see their happy family. He promises to protect her from all odds. Neil and Avni get the family photos clicked. Vidyut sends his men to cut the power inside the house. Neela tells Avni about her special surprise for Neil and her. Vidyut makes an entry inside the house, while taking advantage of the darkness. DD tries to reach Neil and inform him about Vidyut.

Prakash gets informed and rushes to stop Vidyut from spoiling Neil and Avni’s happiness. Prakash sees the family panicking. He alerts them. He tells everyone about Vidyut entering their house. Neil protects Avni and Mishti. Prakash and Neil try to send all the family members out. Avni encourages everyone to fight with Vidyut. Avni stays connected with everyone. The family stays together to counter Vidyut.

Neela gets left alone, when Vidyut spots her. Neil finds the goons and fights. DD gets attacked by Vidyut’s goons. Neil and Vidyut have a confrontation. DD reaches inside the house to support Neil.

Avni fights with the goon and makes way for her family to leave. Vidyut tries to trap Neil. He provokes Neil into following him. Neil promises Avni that he will get Neela safely. Ali takes Avni and everyone to a safer place. Sooner, the goon attacks Ali. Ali and DD struggle to help Avni. Avni fears for Neela.

Neil reaches Neela and tells her about Vidyut. He asks her not to come out of the room. Neela understands the family is in trouble. Neil chases Vidyut. The hide and seek game continues. Avni gets back into the house to find Neela. Avni manages to protect herself. Neil shoots at Vidyut after finding his warnings going plain. DD manages to call the police in time. Avni gets shot, while Neela loses her life. Neil and Avni get a huge shock with Neela’s death.


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