Avni’s happy family dream breaks yet again in Naamkarann


Avni’s happy home dream breaks again. She never imagined Neela to go away from her forever. Neela’s sudden demise breaks everyone’s hearts. Avni refuses to believe Neela left her. Avni tells Neela that their family will become perfect, no one can break them. Neil loses courage to tell Avni that Neela is no more. Doctor confirms Neela’s death. Avni refuses to believe them. Neil bares her anger to make her understand the bitter truth. Avni shatters with Neela’s death.

Vidyut meets his mum and reveals how Neela has sacrificed her life to save Neil from his attack. Ragini Pandit scolds him for not understanding her and making her land in jail again. She tells him that he will also understand her importance after her death. She emotionally blackmails Vidyut. She tells him that he lost her and will lose Avni as well. He asks her to understand his love for Avni. He gets angered on her bad prediction.

Avni conducts Neela’s final rites. She feels too burdened by the big sorrow. Avni gets Neela’s memories. Neil pacifies Avni in the tough phase. Neil asks Avni to be brave for Neela’s sake. Avni feels she is really a curse for her family members. She gets depressed with guilt. She realizes she is the reason for all the destruction in her family’s life. She doesn’t want to ruin her loved ones. Avni loses her confidence. Neil realizes he has shot Neela in the darkness, while aiming for Vidyut and his goons. He worries that this truth can make Avni away from him forever.


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