A big line of twists and revelations ahead in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: Celebrations times for Oberois

Shivay tries to know the secret of the mills fire incident to reach to the real culprit. Shwetlana has lost her family in the mills fire incident. She wants to settle scores with the Oberois. She plans to make Shivay pay for her troubles. She wants to start her vengeance with Shivay and Anika. She pities Shivay who has suffered so much and still is out of his family. She is happy to use Tej in her plan. Tia feels Shivay was never at fault. She feels bad to hurt Shivay. She holds Oberois at fault. Tia knows the mills secret and doesn’t want Shivay to learn it ever. She realizes Kalyani mills secret can end Shivay and Anika’s relation forever.

On the other hand, Anika tries to know Shivay’s problems. She gets angered when he always keeps the problems to himself. She asks Shivay if he wants her in his life or not, if she is not needed. Shivay doesn’t reveal the problems to her. Tia doesn’t want Shivay and Anika to suffer because of Shwetlana. She decides to warn Shivay about the secret.

Shivay tells Anika that he doesn’t want his loved ones to worry or suffer. He prefers to keep his problems away from his family. Anika gets keen to know the problems. Shivay tells her about the hidden enemy attacking him to ruin his business and reputation. Anika decides to find Shivay’s secret enemy. Veer wants to get Shivay humiliated in front of everyone. He sends Soumya to fulfill the task. Soumya gets happy to take down her in-laws’ reputation. Anika wants to take a risk and find out their enemy.

Anika makes a plan and shares with Shivay. He doesn’t allow her to take the risk, but she convinces him. Oberois invite many people to make Rudra and Bhavya’s chunri ritual grand. They miss out Dadi. Soumya finds ways to humiliate Shivay. Shivay manages to pull off everything in a grand style. Bhavya gets a big surprise with the showering gold coins. Shivay’s never seen before gestures brings a smile on everyone’s faces. Shivay tells Bhavya that she will always get love and respect from the family.

Veer wonders how Shivay is managing to arrange the funds. Shivay sells off his chopper to fulfill his expenses. Anika does the rituals. Soumya turns jealous seeing Bhavya getting all the love and attention by the family. Anika tells Shivay that she is going to find the secret enemy. She signals Shivay to execute the next move. Shivay fakes a news and reveals about a big problem. Anika takes a disguise to fool everyone. She becomes Shivay’s new investor. She hopes Shivay’s enemy will attack her. Shivay declares about the seal getting signed the other day, which will boost his business. Rudra doubts that he has seen the investor before. Omkara and Bhavya scold him. Anika doesn’t want anyone to identify her. She awaits Shivay’s enemy to meet her.


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