Rana to dig up Madhav’s truth in Meri Durga


Sanjay doesn’t bond with Gayatri like before. He tells his mum that nothing can make their equations fine. Gayatri gets hurt by his hatred. He tells her that he can never forgive her. He shows her a way to repent. He asks her to train Durga into winning the national championship. He asks her to accept his request if she wants to really repent for her mistakes. Gayatri agrees to him. Meanwhile, Durga gets worried by the threat posed by Aarti’s dad.

Durga and Sanjay come home to meet her family. Sanjay heartily apologizes to everyone. He feels ashamed to hurt true people like them. Sanjay sheds tears of sorrow and repentance. Durga’s family forgives him, hoping he will keep his promise to fill happiness in Durga’s life.

Yashpal finds hard to believe Sanjay. Sanjay finds him right on his part. Yashpal too melts his heart for Sanjay. Durga aims to clean her family’s bad image in the society. Sanjay tells her that he will help her achieve her goals. Durga decides to save her in-laws from Aarti’s dad. She doesn’t want to ruin their lives and respect by running in the championship. Rana gets suspicious about Param Singh. He tells Yashpal that they shouldn’t keep an outsider for long in their house. They decide to send him away the next day. Rana spies on Param Singh and learns he is Madhav.


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