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    YHM: Raman sees Mihika’s love and care towards Pihu. Simmi asks Raman to marry Mihika. He refuses at first. Simmi asks him to think for Pihu and marry Mihika, as she is the best person to become Pihu’s mum. Simmi then asks Mihika to marry Raman. Mihika gets aback. She tells them that she loved Romi a lot, but she loves the family as well. She accepts Raman’s proposal only if Raman agrees. The family convinces Raman to marry Mihika. Simmi thinks Mihika and Raman’s marriage will be a big shock for Ishita.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Satrupa plans for Anami’s birthday. She reminisces Vatsalya and gets emotional. Adhiraj gets relieved after confessing love to Anami. He keeps thinking of her and enjoys the being in love feel. Anami gets in a dilemma. She fears to lose his friendship. Adhiraj waits for Anami’s reply. He doesn’t care for Dheeru and Satrupa’s opinions. Anami tries to know about Adhiraj’s feelings further. She doesn’t know what to reply him. Satrupa and Dadi see Vatsalya in Anami. They relieve Anami’s stress.


    Shivay tries to know the secret of the mills fire incident to reach to the real culprit. Shwetlana has lost her family in the mills fire incident. She wants to settle scores with the Oberois. She plans to make Shivay pay for her troubles. She wants to start her vengeance with Shivay and Anika. She pities Shivay who has suffered so much and still is out of his family. She is happy to use Tej in her plan. Tia feels Shivay was never at fault. She feels bad to hurt Shivay. She holds Oberois at fault. Tia knows the mills secret and doesn’t want Shivay to learn it ever. She realizes Kalyani mills secret can end Shivay and Anika’s relation forever.


    Naira gets upset with Kartik didn’t meet her before leaving for office. Dadi doesn’t want Naira to disturb Kartik during his work. Manish gets stressed about the big deal. Kartik misses Naira. He gets busy in work. Manish breaks the good news of their big deal getting approved. Naira meets her friend Sakshi. She makes a call to Kartik. Kartik also stays busy with his friend. Naira leaves a message for Kartik. Manish sends Kartik with his friend. Kartik gets Naira’s messages.


    Avni’s happy home dream breaks again. She never imagined Neela to go away from her forever. Neela’s sudden demise breaks everyone’s hearts. Avni refuses to believe Neela left her. Avni tells Neela that their family will become perfect, no one can break them. Neil loses courage to tell Avni that Neela is no more. Doctor confirms Neela’s death. Avni refuses to believe them. Neil bares her anger to make her understand the bitter truth. Avni shatters with Neela’s death.

    Meri Durga:

    Sanjay doesn’t bond with Gayatri like before. He tells his mum that nothing can make their equations fine. Gayatri gets hurt by his hatred. He tells her that he can never forgive her. He shows her a way to repent. He asks her to train Durga into winning the national championship. He asks her to accept his request if she wants to really repent for her mistakes. Gayatri agrees to him. Meanwhile, Durga gets worried by the threat posed by Aarti’s dad.


    Uma and Kanak track down Maasi’s location. They learn Maasi’s real avatar and world. Uma gets too depressed to know Maasi’s teachings and affection were fake. He feels cheated by Maasi. Kanak tells Uma that they have to expose Maasi’s plans if they have to prove his innocent. She encourages him to fight against the evil Maasi, so that no one can separate them ever. Rani helps Kanak and Uma in their search. Uma didn’t expect Maasi to stoop so low. Kanak asks him not to lose his temper, that can make him commit a mistake.


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