Union time: Suraj to regain his memory in Udaan


Chakor tries to remind Suraj the past. She keeps some souvenirs there. Suraj checks the box and gets few memories. Suraj demands her to go. He hides her from Ranvijay’s spies. He challenges her to stay away from him, to which she agrees. Suraj gets happy that he got rid of Chakor. He plays with kids. He then starts missing Chakor. Chakor gets upset that Suraj is avoiding her. She makes Suraj by taking lift from an inspector. Suraj gets angry seeing her. Chakor plans to show her bonding with the inspector to remind Suraj her friendship with inspector Ajay. She hopes Suraj will recall something.

Chakor teaches self defence technique to the villagers. Chakor wants kids and elders to know protecting themselves. Suraj tries to know more about Chakor. He realizes Chakor is an integral part of his past. Suraj comes to the village to talk to Chakor. She stays busy and doesn’t see him waiting. He angrily walks away.

Chakor then spots him and gets annoyed that he left without talking to her. She can’t live without Suraj. She has a bet with Suraj. She tells him that she will not talk to him for two days. Chakor’s hopes get down. She recalls Suraj and her moments and wonders if Suraj will recover his memory. She wants Suraj to regain his memory and turn into her old Suraj once again. Suraj meets Chakor and tells her that he will not keep any conditions from now on, he will never avoid her. He breaks the silence.

Chakor’s question gets answered by Suraj. Suraj tells Chakor that he has regained his memory and now all their tests got over. He wants their love to take a new flight. Suraj surprises Chakor by reciprocating her love. He threatens Ranvijay to make him pay for Imli and his crimes. Suraj and Chakor get together and ready to face Imli and Ranvijay’s challenges. Suraj protects Chakor from Ranvijay’s attack. Chakor turns happy to get her best support back.


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