Meri Durga: Gayatri turns willing to support Durga


Sanjay receives a parcel for Durga. He learns Durga has done a deal with Aarti’s dad, which made the latter return the entire property and business to them. Sanjay feels Durga is paying for his happiness by sacrificing her dreams. He doesn’t want Durga to turn down her family’s expectations. Durga decides not to run in the national championship. She doesn’t want Sanjay to learn anything about the deal. She tries to find some way by which Sanjay won’t push her to compete in the race. Durga decides to hurt herself so that she disqualifies for the race. She wants to give happiness to Sanjay and his family.

Sanjay accuses Gayatri for playing games with Durga. He tells her about Durga’s deal with Aarti’s dad. He doesn’t want any injustice to happen with Durga. Gayatri learns Sanjay doesn’t know her shameful past and that Durga has kept her promise of hiding the documents in the academy.

Gayatri feels sorry to misunderstand Durga and throw anger around. She decides to support Durga. She doesn’t want Durga’s career to end by helplessness. Sanjay meets Aarti’s dad to know about the deal. He learns about Durga’s move. Aarti’s dad tells him that Durga won’t run in the national championship. Sanjay wants to stop Durga from getting her name removed. He tries to find Durga. Durga risks her life to avoid the race. Sanjay rescues her in nick of the time. He scolds her for attempting to break her legs and also her dreams. He realizes she is doing everything for his family, who doesn’t deserve her sacrifice.

Elsewhere, Rana follows Madhav to his house. Madhav doesn’t see Rana spying. Rana learns his strange motives and informs Yashpal. Yashpal reveals about Durga’s shocking decision. Rana rushes to meet Durga. Rana fails to tell Yashpal about Madhav. Durga sticks to her decision. Gayatri supports Durga and stops her from accepting the conditions of Aarti’s dad.


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