Auction twist to break the peace in Ishqbaaz

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Shivay rescues Anika from the fire and gets her home, while the family was waiting for them. Omkara asks him why didn’t he answer the calls. Shivay and Anika’s state makes them wonder if there was any attack planned on them. Shivay lies to them about the car catching fire because of short circuit. Omkara asks Shivay to share the problem with them. He feels Shivay is hiding something from them. Shivay takes a decision and sends Omkara and Rudra back home. He asks Bhavya, Gauri and Soumya to accompany his brothers. Soumya realizes Shivay has learnt Veer’s truth. She alerts Veer about Shivay’s plans. Soumya unwillingly had to leave from Goa. She wanted to help Veer in ruining Shivay. She follows Shivay’s request and returns home. The elders get happy seeing them back.

Jhanvi does aarti of her sons. She asks them why didn’t they come back with Tej. She asks them about Tej. She plans to keep a grand marriage for Rudra and Bhavya. Omkara tells Jhanvi that Tej lied to them. He reveals Tej’s fake heart attack drama to separate them from Shivay. He says Tej always lies, he has never said true to his family, he would be planning against Shivay. Jhanvi feels Tej has done wrong. She asks them to forgive Tej.

A new problem knocks the Oberoi family. The family gets a huge shock when the some government officials raid the mansion. Omkara and Rudra try hard to save the house. The family worries seeing the officials messing the house. Official tells them that the house is auctioned, they are just doing their duty. He shows them the legal papers signed by Tej. Shwetlana and Veer cheated Tej to get his signs. The family believes Tej has willingly auctioned the house. He asks them to vacate the house as soon as possible. Official warns them against taking any valuable along. Officials make a list of valuable things for auction. They take even Ram-Sita idol.

Dadi fails to stop them. Dadi calls out Shivay in such a moment. Dadi breaks down knowing they are losing the house. Dadi begs them to save their house, which holds her husband’s memories, principles and dreams. Dadi wants Shivay back. She knows just Shivay can save their ancestral house. The family consoles Dadi. Dadi feels the family clashes are responsible for the house auction.

Shivay and Anika learn Veer’s truth. Shivay doesn’t know how to collect a proof against Veer. He is angered as he has believed Veer’s lies till now. Anika says we had no reason to doubt on him before, its good we know his truth, we shall fool him. He wants to confront Veer for his lies. She says we trusted him because of his drama, we should focus on our plan now. She asks him not to blame himself. He tells her that he wants to confront Veer and know his problem, what are his motives. Anika asks Shivay not to make this mistake, Veer would get alert.

Shivay gets hell bent to know Veer’s motives. Shivay and Anika reach Veer’s house. They get a shock seeing the house totally vacant. He tells Anika that Veer is too smart, he has learnt their plans and escaped in time. He gets angry and breaks the glasses. Shivay and Anika meet Shweta and help her out. Shivay doesn’t want Anika to fall in any risk. He asks Anika to get away from him. He compels her to stay away from him till he solves the mess. Anika doesn’t want to leave Shivay alone in the crisis. She still makes a leave to keep his word. Shivay then comes to know about the house auction. He understands Veer has done this to hurt him. Shivay declares a big battle. Oberoi brothers will fight with Veer.


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