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Naamkarann: Avni plans a romantic surprise for Neil. Avni takes the seven vows from Neil once again. Neil gets surprised seeing the wonderful ambience. Avni and Neil take wedding rounds around the fire. Avni wants to make Neil feel special. She tells him that she knows he is troubled by some matter. Neil couldn’t tell her about Neela’s murder mystery. Neil renews the love vows. Avni too vows to support Neil through happiness and sorrow. She tells him that she will always be with him, and keep Neela’s last wish. She makes Neil fill the vermilion in her hairline once again.

Tu Aashiqui:

Pankti takes a stand for herself. She wants to make herself independent. She decides to carve out a new identity for herself, so that no one insults her again. Guru ji helps Pankti in her job search. Pankti meets a radio jockey, who asks her to join his radio station. She gets a chance to sing in Guru ji’s singing program on radio. RJ tells her that if any music director listens to her voice and singing, maybe she gets a new chance in life. Guru ji is happy that Pankti’s talent will get recognized.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Parth, Shorvori and Teni’s relation gets its final place. It was an awkward situation for them to stay together. They take a decision and declare it to the family. Teni tells them that Lord has written their fate, their hearts are clean and true, they want to stay together to look after the baby. She says even Lord wants us to live together. The family opposes them. Kaki asks Teni how can this happen, did she lose her mind. She tells them that Parth can’t stay with his two wives under one roof, society will never accept this, they will lose their name and reputation. Dada ji asks Parth how will he give rights to both his wives, it won’t be easy to balance life.

Everything gets fine in Singh family. Preeto asks Harak to book Harman and Soumya’s tickets for a foreign trip. Preeto asks Harman to take Soumya for a change and also celebrate his birthday abroad. Harman plans to surprise Soumya.


Shivay rescues Anika from the fire and gets her home, while the family was waiting for them. Omkara asks him why didn’t he answer the calls. Shivay and Anika’s state makes them wonder if there was any attack planned on them. Shivay lies to them about the car catching fire because of short circuit. Omkara asks Shivay to share the problem with them. He feels Shivay is hiding something from them. Shivay takes a decision and sends Omkara and Rudra back home. He asks Bhavya, Gauri and Soumya to accompany his brothers. Soumya realizes Shivay has learnt Veer’s truth. She alerts Veer about Shivay’s plans. Soumya unwillingly had to leave from Goa. She wanted to help Veer in ruining Shivay. She follows Shivay’s request and returns home. The elders get happy seeing them back.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:

Devi is upset with Virat, that he has drunk wine with Adhiraj. Virat apologizes to her. He tells her that he will not have wine again. He does sit ups to convince her. Devi and Virat have their friendly moments. Adhiraj sees their bonding. He gets doubtful. He finds Devi happily laughing. He asks Devi the reason. Devi fails to tell him anything. Devi makes pasta for Virat. Maasa asks Devi to call Virat for dining with them. Devi looks for Virat. She doesn’t see him. Adhiraj sees the pasta and wonders if Devi is making special things for her friend. He gets angry that Devi didn’t cook anything special for him.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Sanjana feels there is a spirit at home. She gets tensed. She doubts Bhairavi is behind this planning. She hears some strange voices calling her. She doesn’t understand what’s happening around her.

Laado 2:

Anushka finds Rantej’s wife sobbing. She finds the lady tortured by Rantej. She asks her to raise a voice against her cruel husband, instead hiding her wounds, which won’t heal with time and tears. She says bearing the tortures is not any duty of a wife, a wife should get her husband on the right path, she should change Rantej into a better man if she wants. She asks her to stop blaming fate and accept her mistake of tolerating injustice. She tries to encourage her for opposing Rantej’s tortures.


Naira gets glad when the pandit announces about the Shivratri puja, and suggests Kartik and Naira to become Shiv Parvati. Naira breaks the good news to Kartik. She tells him what pandit ji said. She asks him to become Shiv, while she plays Parvati in the act. She never imagined she will get such a chance. She says pandit ji will keep Shiv and Parvati’s marriage. She is very excited to marry Kartik again. She asks him what is he thinking, isn’t he happy. Kartik doesn’t reply her. He is about to say yes, when Dadi comes to them. Dadi tells Kartik that he has to do this for her sake. Kartik then agrees to Dadi.

After kidnapping and problems, Susheel finally reaches the mandap. She has learnt a big truth about Mehul’s past. Dada ji tells Susheel about Kiran’s mental state, which got worse because of her love for Mehul. She couldn’t believe Mehul and Kiran’s terms. She learns the entire truth. She then overhears Satya telling Leela that he doesn’t love her and is just marrying her for his motives. Susheel gets heartbroken. Satya thinks Susheel is willing to marry him just for money. Susheel wants to clear his misunderstandings. She takes a stand for her family and refuses to marry Satya. She turns down Satya’s fake love in the mandap, leaving him and Leela in a shock.


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