Bhanushalis to understand Teni’s perception in Dil Se Dil Tak


Parth, Shorvori and Teni’s relation gets its final place. It was an awkward situation for them to stay together. They take a decision and declare it to the family. Teni tells them that Lord has written their fate, their hearts are clean and true, they want to stay together to look after the baby. She says even Lord wants us to live together. The family opposes them. Kaki asks Teni how can this happen, did she lose her mind. She tells them that Parth can’t stay with his two wives under one roof, society will never accept this, they will lose their name and reputation. Dada ji asks Parth how will he give rights to both his wives, it won’t be easy to balance life.

Teni explains them her perception. She tells them that they can see the two sides of a coin, but they can’t separate it. She says Shorvori and I are like these two sides of a coin, we can’t get away from Parth, else he won’t be able to live. The family understands Teni, but doesn’t know how to support her decision.

They realize Shorvori is Parth’s first love, while Teni is his best friend. The trio have best understanding between them. The family worries for the society’s take on their relationship. Teni wants Parth and Shorvori to keep their marital relation, while she will opt to just stay as his friend. Teni doesn’t want any Sautan tag for her or Shorvori. Shorvori was warned by the family before. She realizes its not easy as she has thought before. She knows Parth and Teni’s bonding is strong, but they will not let misunderstandings affect their trust. Shorvori believes Parth and Teni. Parth supports Teni’s decision.


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