Dadi’s interference to create more misunderstandings in Yeh Rishta…


Naira gets glad when the pandit announces about the Shivratri puja, and suggests Kartik and Naira to become Shiv Parvati. Naira breaks the good news to Kartik. She tells him what pandit ji said. She asks him to become Shiv, while she plays Parvati in the act. She never imagined she will get such a chance. She says pandit ji will keep Shiv and Parvati’s marriage. She is very excited to marry Kartik again. She asks him what is he thinking, isn’t he happy. Kartik doesn’t reply her. He is about to say yes, when Dadi comes to them. Dadi tells Kartik that he has to do this for her sake. Kartik then agrees to Dadi.

Kartik is tensed about the misunderstandings. He wants to keep Naira happy. He can’t think of hurting Naira’s emotions. He fails to explain her that he was agreeing to her request. Naira feels Kartik has said yes only for Dadi’s sake.

Later, Naira learns Shubham/Aryan has stolen Kartik’s presentation and took the credit in front of the clients. Naira scolds him, when he denies the blame. Naira tells him that everyone should know his truth. Suwarna requests Naira from revealing her son’s mistake. Elsewhere, Dadi learns Kirti had a loss in her business. She covers up Kirti’s mistake. She gives her money to pay for the loss, without letting Naksh know. She asks Kirti to hide the matter from Naksh. Kirti worries that Naksh would not like her taking help from Dadi.


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