Naamkarann: Avni learns Neil’s suspected involvement


Shweta plans to keep Avni away from Neil, so that Avni doesn’t learn the truth about Neela’s death. She wishes the reports clear out Neil’s name. She asks Bebe to support her in this task. She wants Avni and Neil to be together always. Avni gets emotional seeing Neil. She feels lucky to have him in her life. She feels Neela’s decision to get them married was the best decision. Avni and Neil have few cute moments. Avni finds tough to accept that Neela has left her forever. Avni shows her belief in Neil. Neil feels guilty. He tries to tell her about Neela’s death. Bebe interrupts them. Bebe and DD don’t let Neil talk to Avni. They stop Neil in nick of the time.

Bebe sends Neil to the police station. She wants Neil to check the reports and find his innocence. Avni has no idea about Neil’s doubt. Bebe takes Avni home. Neil doesn’t want Ragini Pandit to get released. He knows she will plan against Avni again. He doesn’t wish Avni to have any troubles. Commissioner assures Neil that he won’t let Ragini Pandit escape free by the mercy plea.

Shweta keeps Avni engaged in work. Avni feels the happenings sudden and strange. Shweta makes arrangements and leaves with Avni, before Neil arrives home. Neil learns DD is supporting Shweta in her plans. He scolds DD for not informing him. He understands DD has planned everything to keep him busy in Ragini Pandit’s case. He confronts DD for the lie. DD tells him that he will do anything to unite Avni and him. He apologizes to Neil. He proves his friendship towards Neil.

Neil respects his decision. He asks DD not to compel him to lie. Neil prays the reports prove his doubt wrong. Neil looks for Avni. Shweta and Bebe don’t let him face Avni. Bebe asks Neil to forget the truth, even if he has accidentally killed Neela, he shouldn’t reveal this to Avni, his future will be spoiled by this truth. He doesn’t want to hide anything. He tells Bebe that it will be like cheating Avni, this will insult his true love.

Bebe doesn’t think Avni would forgive him for this big mistake. Neil wants justice for Neela. He is ready to sacrifice himself to get justice. Bebe scolds him for getting crazy in his justice-seek. Neil wants to share Avni’s pain. He doesn’t want to become the reason for her pain. He decides to wait for the reports. He tells Bebe that he will hide the truth from Avni, if Bebe wants him to cheat Avni. Avni overhears Neil’s crime confession of shooting Neela. The family worries for Neil and Avni’s relationship. What will Avni decide? Keep reading.


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