Yuvraaj and Anushka’s relation turns bitter in Laado 2


Anushka finds Rantej’s wife sobbing. She finds the lady tortured by Rantej. She asks her to raise a voice against her cruel husband, instead hiding her wounds, which won’t heal with time and tears. She says bearing the tortures is not any duty of a wife, a wife should get her husband on the right path, she should change Rantej into a better man if she wants. She asks her to stop blaming fate and accept her mistake of tolerating injustice. She tries to encourage her for opposing Rantej’s tortures.

Meanwhile, Yuvraaj reminds Anushka her duties as a wife. He tells her that she is fulfilling all the duties in office and house, she is being an ideal wife for him in front of the world. He reminds her duties towards her husband. Anushka doesn’t deter from her plans. Tai ji tells Yuvraaj that he will get the throne and manage Balwant’s business, but he has to control his wife first. Tai ji does Yuvraaj’s crowning ceremony. She keeps a puja for him. Yuvraaj bears Anushka’s drama to get her in the puja. Anushka doesn’t get dominated by Yuvraaj and his family.


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