Ashok and Ishita hatch a new plan in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Iyers and Bhallas have a clash. Iyers get angry on Mihika for hurting Ishita’s sentiments. Mihika goes on insulting Ishita, which makes Mrs. Iyer slap her. Mrs. Bhalla takes it in a negative way and want to punish her for the misdeed. Iyers feels sorry for themselves, that Mihika was part of their family. They make Mihika leave. Mihika gets hurt. She acts innocent in front of Raman. Romi likes the slap story. He feels Mihika deserves numerous slap. Raman asks Mihika not to have any terms with Iyers. Simmi instigates her mum against Iyers. She suggests her to file a police complaint against Mrs. Iyer.

Iyers have huge grief for Ishita, whose marriage is getting ruined by Mihika’s hatred. Ishita finds the family upset. She behaves normal to cheer them up. Ishita goes on fulfilling her duties towards her every relation. Shockingly, police arrives to arrest Mrs. Iyer on Mrs. Bhalla’s filed complaint.

Ishita wants to stop the arrest by some way. She meets Raman and tells him how his mum got her mum arrested for a silly reason. She asks him to withdraw the case. Raman recalls bits of past. Simmi confuses Raman to stop him from recalling more. Ishita feels helpless. Raman then reaches Iyers on time and saves Mrs. Iyer. Mrs. Bhala withdraws the case on Mihika’s saying. Ishita wants Raman to push his memories and learn the past. Ishita learns about Parmeet’s plans to cheat her into getting the divorce papers signed. Ishita informs Adi about the incident. She doesn’t want Parmeet to blackmail Aaliya again.

Ishita gets a surprise when Ashok visits her. She enquires about his health. Ashok asks her about the ongoing problems. She reveals to him about Parmeet’s plans. Ashok tells her that he knows Parmeet well. They doubt the moneylender is alive and involved in Parmeet’s plans. They hatch a plan to trap Parmeet.


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