Avni’s belief to turn true in Naamkarann


Avni learns Neil’s doubt of shooting at Neela. The family accepts their mistakes to lie and keep her away from Neil. Shweta and Bebe tell Avni that they didn’t wish Neil and her to get separated by this bitter truth. Avni asks them will they cheat her for the sake of her happiness. She tells Neela would be happy to see this perfect family, who would never think before deceiving her. She asks them how could they not have any belief in Neil. She shows her belief in Neil, that he can never kill Neela. Avni stands by Neil. She tells the family that they should have told her the truth, without having any fear of losing her.

Avni’s belief turns true. DD gets the reports which proves Neil is not involved any way, he didn’t shoot Neela. The family rejoices on knowing Neil isn’t guilty. Neil promises Avni that he will get justice for Neela. Avni fears that the happy family didn’t get complete. She worries about her relations. Neil tries to find the person who shot Neela.

Elsewhere, Vidyut prepares to marry Avni. He tells Ballu that he didn’t shoot Neela, someone else is responsible for it. Vidyut scolds Ballu for doubting on his words. He is sure that Avni will come to marry him. Vidyut maintains that he didn’t murder Neela. He selects his designer attire. Vidyut feels Neil can’t reach to him, since he has not left any evidence behind. Neil leaves for his work. Avni sees Neil’s wonderful efforts. Bebe asks Avni to sit back at home and rest, Neil would be handling everything.

Avni wants to support Neil in his investigations. Vidyut learns Neil has nabbed his aide. He asks Ballu to do anything, but not let his name come in this matter. He vents out anger on Ballu. He feels Ballu is cheating him. Ballu clarifies his intentions. He asks Vidyut to forget Avni, else she will ruin them. Vidyut doesn’t listen to him. He threatens to kill Ballu. Vidyut gets mad for Avni. He lays a trap for Avni. He is sure to win Avni by his new plan. Vidyut will blackmail Avni to convince her for marriage.


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