Sanjay to evict Durga’s big hurdles in Meri Durga


Gayatri supports Durga. She wants Durga to run in the race and win to prove her talents. She expects Durga to make them proud. Gayatri trains Durga by all her heart. The families wish Durga for her victory. Aarti’s dad gets angered by the humiliating. He wants to take revenge from Gayatri and Durga. He plans to harm Durga. He calls up Durga and informs her that he has kidnapped her entire family, and he will kill them if she runs in the race. He says you will be losing one family member for every 50 metres she covers in the race. Durga receives a big shock.

She plans to leave the race to save her family. Sanjay learns Durga’s family is kidnapped by Aarti’s dad. He assures Durga that he will save them. He encourages her to run and fail the bad motives of Aarti’s dad. Durga joins the race to give a tough competition to Aarti. Durga progresses to run the race, while Sanjay finds Durga’s family. He saves everyone and keeps his promise. Aarti’s dad plots another big game to kill Durga. He puts Durga’s life in danger to stop her from winning the race.


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