Diya to face new challenges in Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya


Diya’s behavior changes post marriage. Choti Thakurain tells Diya about the first rasoi rasam. Diya didn’t know her life will change so much. Choti Thakurain reminds Diya the seven vows of marriage. She asks Diya to think of Ratan’s happiness. She says this cloth with seven knots will make you remember the vows. Ratan hides under the bed and hears the conversation. He makes fun of Diya. He says everyone has confidence on Diya, but Diya won’t be able to do anything, she is a bad cook. He learns Diya is doing to make his favorite dish. He fears that Diya will make a terrible dish and make him hate his choice. He thinks of informing the chef to help Diya.

Chote Thakur gets happy that its Diya’s first rasoi. He celebrates happily. He indirectly gives tension to Diya. He tells her that he has invited others for the function.

Diya falls in a new problem. Diya deals with the dilemma over her unexpected married life. Ratan falls down and gets hurt. The face wash goes in his eyes. Diya worriedly takes him to washroom and cleans his eyes. Ratan asks Diya to stay away. They both lose balance and get hit by the shower. Ratan gets irritated. He asks her why did she come to help him, she has troubled him even more. He clears that she can’t become a good wife. Diya feels its impossible for her to fulfill all responsibilities. Diya gets stressed about the first rasoi. She gets an idea and checks for Yash’s gift. She gets the recipe book to use for the perfect need.

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