Binny to disgrace Arjun and Jia in Woh Apna Sa


Jia learns about Binny’s move to create troubles for them. She wakes up Arjun and tells him about the neighbors complaining about Binny. Arju rushes to check Binny. Binny washes her car on the streets. She gets much unwanted attention by the guys. This rages Arjun. Arjun beats up the guys. Arjun asks Binny to stop her drama, which will just create a fight. She embarrasses them by her cheap tactics. She is emotionless and doesn’t care for anyone. Binny reminds that she is troubled by Arjun and Jia. Arjun takes Binny home and tries to give her some sense.

She tells them that they can snatch the money from her, but they can’t stop her. She tells she is more smarter than them and knows how to take revenge. She is angry as her career ended because of them. She couldn’t do her big dream project. She will not get back till she settles score. She gets happy giving tension to Arjun and Jia. They hope they can succeed to reform Binny.


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