Raman to regain his memory in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: A shocking allegation on Raman

Ishita attends the sangeet and stays close to Raman. Everyone assumes them to be a couple. Raman makes Ishita away once again. Mihika takes her place in Raman’s life. She tries to solve Aaliya’s matter. She asks Ashok to find the money lender soon. Simmi asks Ishita to accept her defeat as Raman will be marrying Mihika any way. Shagun helps Ishita in stopping Raman’s marriage. She embarrasses Mihika in front of the media. She tells the reporters that Mihika is just a gold digger and marrying Raman for money. She ashames the Bhalla Family by her interview, just to create tension in the sangeet. Mrs. Bhalla reprimands Shagun for ruining Mihika and their respect.

Mani takes a stand for Shagun. They play a drama to give the hyped interview to the fake reporters. Shagun spoils the fun. Mani tells Aaliya that they are doing this to stop the marriage. Mani supports Ruhi and Adi in their plans. They start the sangeet ceremony. Simmi shakes a leg happily. She celebrates Ishita’s leaving from their lives.

Ishita feels sorry for her life. She can’t see Raman getting away. Shagun consoles her. She tells her that Raman won’t do this marriage. The young lot play a skit to remind Raman about his relation with Ishita. They present Raman and Ishita’s love story. Raman revisits his past by seeing the cute play. He then recalls Ishita and his children. Raman’s memory gets triggered. He likes the play. Simmi and Parmeet seeing his reactions. Raman tells them that he remembers everything now, that Ishita is his wife. Raman regains his memory, much to everyone’s surprise. Simmi can’t see this happening. Raman apologizes to Ishita. He gives much happiness to Ishita. Ishita and children hug Raman happily. They have a union. Simmi feels she is losing out everything. She can’t stand Raman and Ishita’s togetherness.

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