Narottam to prove Satrupa’s innocence in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Anami plans to leave Lal Mahal. She didn’t know Sudha has plotted everything to frame Satrupa. Narottam exposes Sudha in front of everyone. Anami changes her decision to leave. She then learns Narottam is feeling much guilty and wants to get away from the family. Narottam bonds with Anami. He reveals Sudha’s ugly plotting to Anaṁi. He proves Satrupa’s innocence. Anami is also unhappy. She asks Narottam not to go, as Sudha has done wrong, while he has taken the right step with true intentions. She praises Narottam for setting everything fine.

Anami tells Narottam that he has gone through a lot to become part of the family, and when his wish is getting fulfilled, why is he leaving. He tells her that this was just Sudha’s wish, Sudha wanted him to become Lal Mahal’s heir, now when she isn’t here, he has no desire to live with the family. She reminds him that he also wanted to get family’s love, he will get family’s support now, since he never wanted to become the heir. She says Sudha has taken advantage of his loneliness, but he has supported the family during the testing times, he has done the right thing by going against his mum’s wickedness.

Narottam doesn’t agree to her. He wants to punish himself for Sudha’s mistakes. Anami stops him and tells him that she needs him in the family. She asks him to at least stay back for her sake. She asks him to hide the truth from everyone. She guides him by Krishna’s words. She tells him that if intention is right, he should do whatever he feels is necessary.


Anami feels guilty to lie about her foster parents’ death. She doesn’t know how to tell the family about her lie. She has lied to the family to secure her foster parents. She wants the situation to change for the betterment of everyone. Anami and Satrupa’s relation will get better. Anami will be seen adapting a new look in the show. Anami and Adhiraj’s love track will begin post the conspiracies.


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