AvNeil to miss their union in Naamkarann


Avni doesn’t want to be with Neil, as she feels she is the reason for all the pain in his life. She wants to get away with all the pain and sorrow. Avni gets a sinking heart and leaves Neil alone when he falls asleep. Saisha sings a romantic song and impresses KK. KK likes her talent and compliments her. Sunehri gets high and gets proposing DD. Tara suggests they should take Sunehri home. Neil wakes up after a while and finds himself alone. He doesn’t know who got him to the place. Avni finds some intruders in the house. She worriedly thinks of some solution. She hides from Neil.

Sunehri gets happy seeing Neil at home. Neil gets back to senses. He gets to meet Sunehri and Tara. He asks them since when are they staying in orphanage. They lie to him about Avni. They tell him that they run an orphanage for others’ good. Sunehri tells him that its really good that Neil met Avni. Neil doesn’t understand what she means. Avni hides from Neil’s sight again.

DD comes to pick Neil. Sunehri asks DD to marry her. DD knows Sunehri isn’t in senses. DD takes Neil along. Avni cherishes the moments spent with Neil. He feels there is something connected to Avni that he finds happiness and peace. KK finds Mitali in the party. He asks Saisha to call her dad and seek help for him. Mitali congratulates KK for his new film and makes a move from the party. Mitali gives love advice to Saisha. She gets friendly with her. Saisha thanks her for being a friend. Avni tells her friends that she can’t be with Neil out of her helplessness. She finds it hard to stay separated.

Neil forgets the moments spent with Avni. He tries hard to recollect why he has seen Avni without risking his life. Avni tells Sunehri that Neil didn’t realize the truth, he felt he was imagining her around. She feels sorry to break Neil’s dreams. She doesn’t want Neil to know she is alive. Avni gets to hear Neil on the radio program. Saisha tells Avni that RJ Neil is in intense love with someone. Neil talks about meeting his love in a romantic dream. Avni gets emotional hearing him. Sunehri asks Avni not to hurt Neil’s feelings. She wants Neil and Avni to unite. She asks Avni to accept Neil’s life, as fate has it written for them. Avni still refuses to meet Neil.

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