Harman’s hatred for Soumya intensifies in Shakti

High Five Spoilers Shakti Bahu Begum and more

Harak tells Preeto that he would call off their marriage and give her divorce if she supports Soumya. Preeto doesn’t care and takes his warning light. Soumya does her duties towards Harman. Preeto finds Soumya in kitchen and asks her what is she doing. Soumya tells her that she is preparing tea for Harman. Preeto says even when you make tea, Harman will throw it away. Soumya is ready to bear his anger till she changes his heart. Preeto encourages Soumya to be strong and keep doing her duties. Harak asks Preeto why is she bringing Harman and Soumya together now. He gets upset with her. He tells some poetry and calls her totally absurd.

Harak says I m happy that you have no fear to lose your husband now. Preeto tells him that every wife has fear to lose husband, even Soumya is going through it and I will be supporting her, irrespective of your threatening of divorce. Harak just wants Preeto to withdraw support.

He just threatens Preeto to close Soumya’s chapter. He loves Preeto and wants to be with her. He thinks Preeto will not care of his words now, so its better to stop warning her. Meanwhile, Harman dumps the tea and shouts on Soumya. Harman doesn’t care when Soumya gets hurt while preparing food for him. Soumya hurts herself by applying chilli powder to her wound. Harman throws anger on Soumya. Raavi gets happy seeing Harman’s hatred for Soumya. She thinks Harman is going towards a positive phase now. Soumya sheds tears seeing Harman’s indifference. Preeto wants Soumya to get Harman’s love like before.


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