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Nimki Mukhiya:
Anaro tells Dadi that she will handle her children’s lives. She asks Dadi not to get in between the matter. Anaro creates a scene. She scolds her daughter and son-in-law. Dadi asks Anaro not to increase the distance between husband and wife, she shouldn’t interfere. Anaro says none can ill-treat my daughter. She says this is not Tetar’s matter, you don’t know anything well, I have sense to take the right decision. Dadi says I will talk when its about my grandchildren, Tetar’s children are my blood too. Babbu supports Anaro and asks Dadi if she has gone mad to argue with his mum. Dadi and Anaro don’t like Nimki. Anaro feels everything is getting wrong because of Nimki’s presence in the family. She doesn’t want Nimki and Babbu to come close. She is troubled by the thought of losing her son to Nimki. Anaro wants to control her children’s lives.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Mandira romances Anant. Anant gets smitten by her charm. Mandira traps him in love. She tells him that she will always support him. Anant understands everything and plays along. Mandira tells Anant that she loves him. Anant doubts on her. She gets a gift for him. She asks her to prove her love if she really loves him. She gets scared by his challenge. Anant wants to test Mandira’s love. Mandira wants to ruin Vijay. She is making Anant against Vijay. She is showing her positive side to Anant to make him ruin Vijay. She wants revenge from Vijay. She can’t see Vijay happy with Bulbul.


Dil Se Dil Tak: Indu gets a shocking news when the ladies club’ secretary comes home. The lady tells Indu that she didn’t wish to come to their house, but the matter was important. She cancels Indu’s club membership because of Parth, Teni and Shorvori’s relation. She feels if Indu has two bahus at home, what will she talk of women rights in the club. She doesn’t want the club to get defamed by the shameless relations. She says Indu can’t show the right path to the society, so she has to be out of the club.


Harak tells Preeto that he would call off their marriage and give her divorce if she supports Soumya. Preeto doesn’t care and takes his warning light. Soumya does her duties towards Harman. Preeto finds Soumya in kitchen and asks her what is she doing. Soumya tells her that she is preparing tea for Harman. Preeto says even when you make tea, Harman will throw it away. Soumya is ready to bear his anger till she changes his heart. Preeto encourages Soumya to be strong and keep doing her duties. Harak asks Preeto why is she bringing Harman and Soumya together now. He gets upset with her. He tells some poetry and calls her totally absurd.

Jiji Maa:

Falguni wants Gayatri to do puja with Jayant in Gangaur. She has called the IT officials to send away Uttara for few hours. Falguni acts ignorant of the matter. Uttara hides in her room. Falguni takes Gayatri for the puja. Jayant and Gayatri do the Gangaur puja together. Falguni does a drama to save Uttara from interrogation. She doesn’t want anyone to doubt on her. Mangla and Shom worry for Uttara. Mangla says the officials are sitting here, how long can Uttara hide in her room. Falguni is happy to teach a lesson to Uttara. She tries bringing Jayant and Gayatri together.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Diya calls up Ratan to know about his arrival. She gets restless in his absence. She asks him when is he coming home. She decides to wait for him and have dinner once he is back. Ratan has gone out for Abhay’s case. She asks Ratan to keep the case matter in a proper way. She advises him to call her back after reaching the hotel. She asks him to check Abhay’s house and try to collect some clues. Kakimaa sees Diya sitting at the dining table and having food. She asks Diya why isn’t she having food, why did she stop. She taunts Diya and asks him to fulfill her duties as a wife.

Laado 2:

Yuvraaj tells Anushka that he understands her pain to lose Jhanvi, but now she has crossed all the limits. Anushka says fine then give me to police. Yuvraaj says you will go jail. Rantej says you can’t give her to police, else everyone will know about us, we won’t be able to show our faces to anyone. Yuvraaj tells Anushka that she has fallen down in his eyes, she has turned crazy for justice. Anushka asks Yuvraaj not to do any drama, as she doubts even he has deleted the evidence against his brothers.


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