Teni to call it quits in Dil Se Dil Tak


Dada ji raises a big question about the baby’s future. He asks Parth, Teni and Shorvori whose name will be given in the baby’s school as parents. He says we all know how Parth got married to Teni, but society doesn’t care for the situation, society runs on some set of rules. He tells them that they have to face the discrimination always, when the baby gets raised and attends school, how will they manage to present their relation, what if their daughter faces a trouble because of them. He asks Parth to sacrifice one relation to secure his daughter’s life. Parth says its tough to leave Teni or Shorvori, it will be like taking their soul off. Dada ji says they have to make a sacrifice.

Teni says I have always dreamt of having such a relation, such a loving family, but I m ready to make a sacrifice today. Parth tells them that they can’t lose this way, they mutually decided to keep their unique relation so that they can support each other.

Parth knows it won’t be easy to leave entire rights, whoever makes the sacrifice will get negativity to lose everything and their beautiful relation will shatter. He says one can’t leave rights like this. He tries to explain his perception to the family. Teni tells him that her decision is final. She calls a press conference and announces that she is ending her relation with Parth, just Shorvori will be his life. She says my marriage with Parth doesn’t matter, just Shorvori has the rights to stay here, I decided this without any external pressures, its my self-will. Teni makes a big sacrifice. She ends the relation to answer the society.


  1. Teni parth look cute together. .now no interest in this show because I love to see their cute chemistry as couple. Parth shorvari look boring ‘ it’s time to tell final good bye to this show because maker going to separate parth teni.


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