Neil and Avni to search for Saisha in Naamkarann

heartbreaking Neil Avni

Neil and Avni get a big shock when Saisha goes missing. Avni gets worried. She tries to find Saisha. Neil goes to talk to Nilanjana once. He checks the room well and finds pillows in her place. He thinks why did Nilanjana run away from the window, what’s there to hide. He doesn’t know Nilanjana’s mystery. Neil then learns that KK is also missing. He gets a doubt that KK and Saisha are together. Avni tells everyone that she will find Saisha and get her back.

Avni had fixed a tracker in Saisha’s phone. She traces her location. Avni leaves Sukoon house in search of Saisha. Avni and Neil will be coming face to face. Avni bumps into a car. Avni comes across a woman Kamini Kapoor. They have an argument. Kamini just values successful and rich people. She is KK’s mother. She is very much superficial. She can’t accept any poor girl in his son’s life. Kamini will learn about Saisha and KK’s friendship, and oppose it.

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