Rahul to learn Namrata’s shocking evil in Kaal Bhairav Rahasya

Rahul Gauri clash of ideologies Tellyreviews

Rahul and Namrata try to get the shivling from Aghori, who refuses to give them the shivling. Aghori wishes to place the shivling in temple. Rahul gets angry on him. Namrata asks Rahul to let him do the task, as they wish the same. She acts good. Lakhan helps Thakur by giving a gold chain. He goes for shopping clothes for Thakur. Gauri and Lakhan spot Latika in the market. Gauri decides to follow Latika. Lakhan is sure that Gauri can teach Latika a lesson. Rahul worries for Gauri and tries to talk to her once. Namrata stops Rahul by hitting on his head. She faints him to get him under control. She plans to run away with the shivling. She lies to Aghori about her crime to beat Rahul. She frames Rahul in the act.

Aghori tells her that none can attack him, as he can control anyone’s mind. Namrata thinks to reap benefits from him. She acts helpless and wins his confidence. Aghori then chants some mantras and helps Namrata in controlling Rahul. He tells her that Rahul will forget his identity now and blindly believe her. Namrata gets overjoyed. He asks her to control Rahul every day by repeating the mantras, since he will get out of the spell once the effect ends.

Latika reaches there and stops Namrata’s madness. She beats the Aghori. She asks Namrata to leave the country along with her. Namrata asks her to help her getting shivlings and Rahul. Latika tells Namrata that Rahul will hate her after knowing her truth. Namrata speaks out her evil intentions, which get overheard by Gauri. Gauri finds Rahul unconscious. Namrata tries to control Rahul’s mind. Latika asks Namrata to get over the obsession. Namrata attacks Latika and injures her. Namrata blurts out the truth herself. Gauri scolds Namrata. Rahul gets conscious and learns Namrata’s true face. Gauri exposes Namrata in front of Rahul. He can’t believe Namrata’s truth. Namrata fears for Rahul’s reaction. Gauri reveals Namrata’s crimes clearly to him. Will Rahul get controlled by Namrata’s hypnotism? Keep reading.


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