KaiRa’s mature stance over cropping issues in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta Shocking: A depressing phase for KaiRa

Naira meets her doctor and learns the cause of her pregnancy issues. She gets hopeful knowing there are still some chances of her to conceive. Doctor suggests her some pills so that she can conceive. Dadi falls in the ladies’ words, when they tell Dadi about young girls not wishing to have children soon after their marriage. The ladies ask Naira if she is also opting for birth control. Dadi doubts on Naira, who is spotted having some pills secretly. Dadi questions Naira about the pills. Dadi asks Kartik to check the medicines, as Naira isn’t saying anything.

Naira doesn’t tell them. Kartik and Dadi ask Naira if she is feeling unwell. Kartik asks Dadi not to worry, he will check medicine information on the net and tell her. He searches about the pills and gets a shock knowing Naira’s pregnancy issues. He hides the matter from Dadi.

He tells Dadi that its just multivitamin pills. Kartik gets upset with Naira for not sharing the matter. Naira then reveals to him about the pregnancy complications. Naira tells him that doctor has confirmed this that her chances to conceive are very less. Kartik turns sad knowing the problem, but decides to deal with it maturely. Kartik and Naira handle the matter with much sensibility. The family soon learns the problem, while KaiRa come up united to gracefully pacify the family’s tension.

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