A scary paranormal experience for Ishita next in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: New mystery around Ishita's enemy

Raman wants to have a trip with Ishita. He feels they deserve the break. He asks her not to make excuses of children. Ishita gets surprised when Raman tells her about their London trip. He wants to celebrate their togetherness. Ishita is relieved and feels Raman will remember their past once he is out of reach from Simmi. Raman asks Ishita not to reveal their plans to anyone, as he wants to spend time with her alone. Adi too plans a London trip with Aaliya. He first pulls her leg and then reveals his surprise. He doesn’t mention that they are also heading to London. He wants to experience good times with Aaliya. Romi and Mihika also plan to accompany them.

Romi and Adi hide about the location and tease their wives. They keep their secret from Raman as well. Ishita worries for her mum, who stays unwell. She doesn’t want to leave her alone. Ishita’s mum learns the news of their trip and gets happy for them. Raman lies to Romi and Adi about his London trip. They also lie to him about their secret plans. Simmi keeps a watch on Raman and Ishita. She doesn’t want them to go away.

Ishita’s mum jokes and asks Ishita not to leave her alone. Raman gets annoyed seeing his trip plans spoiling. Ishita’s mum asks her to go ahead with the trip, as she was just teasing Raman. Raman leaves for the airport alone. Ishita assures her mum that she will always be in touch. Ishita hires a taxi and goes. Neelu warns Mihika about the bad omen and asks her not to send Ishita away. Mihika doesn’t believe in any superstitions. She prays for Ishita’s welfare. More bad omens happen, which scare Mihika as well. Mihika sends off Ishita in the taxi. Mihika finds strange that a cab came for Ishita without them calling for it. The cab driver takes Ishita through an isolated road.

The weather gets stormy as well. The cab driver stares weirdly at her. He stops the car and complains about the car breaking down abruptly. Ishita then witnesses a spirit. She gets terrified by the sight. The cab driver insists her to pray near some tree. Ishita doesn’t believe in superstitions. She asks him to just drop her to the airport. Ishita leaves from the place, being unaware that the spirit is following her. Raman and Ishita reach London and relive their memories. The show will now have a paranormal track.


  1. Oh really, time for another shit to watch it….rather than exposing param and simi they are focusing on such blunders….carry on carry on


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