Mitali to face a confrontation in Naamkarann


Neil expresses his anger towards Avni. He tells her that he can never forgive her. He hates Avni for her lies. He doesn’t want to keep any one-sided relation. He tells her that he will help her find KK and Saisha. Avni tells him that she has taken the decision to go far to secure him and their family. She didn’t wish to lose her perfect family. She justifies her decision. She tells Neil that Vidyut was threatening her about ruining them, and this was the reason that she left her happiness behind and went away from them. She keeps her truth in front of him. She tells him that if he hates her, she will take it as her destiny.

KK and Saisha manage to escape from the goons. The goons look for them. KK gets a message from her phone. She tells him that she lost her phone in the jungle. Saisha gets a message from Avni. She tells KK that Avni is trying to find them.

Kamini tells Neil that Saisha is with KK to take advantage of his stardom. She says Saisha has no surname, it means she is hiding her surname. She asks Neil to do justice with his job. She tells Neil that she knows about Avni and Saisha. Neil doesn’t want to discuss anything with her regarding Avni. Kamini asks him to find KK before the world learns about Saisha. Neil realizes Saisha is his little Mishti. He cries thinking of Saisha. He asks Avni to come along on their search to find Saisha and KK. They receive a call from KK’s number. They decide to trace the call and reach them.

Mitali learns Neil has lied to her about Sunehri. She thinks how did Neil get those evidences planted by her. Mitali spots Neil and Avni together. Avni tells Neil that she has erased all the old memories from Saisha’s mind. Neil recollects little Mishti and gets happy knowing he has finally found her. He tells Avni that he has been celebrating Mishti’s birthday with the family.

Neil and Avni trace the location. Mitali meets Neil to confront him and Avni. Avni tells Mitali that she wanted to confront her for lying about Dayavanti. Neil scolds Mitali for taking advantage of Avni’s fears. Neil feels Mitali has cheated their friendship by stooping so low. He ends his friendship with Mitali. Mitali apologizes to him. She admits that she has planned all this to keep Avni away from him. Avni asks Mitali why didn’t she tell this to her before. Neil tells her that Avni’s presence doesn’t matter to him, but he can’t tolerate such lies. He gets angry on Avni and Mitali for cheating him. Mitali feels sorry to hurt him. She apologizes to Avni and expresses her feelings for Neil. Avni forgives Mitali. Neil informs DD about KK and Saisha’s location. DD assures his help. DD meets Kamini and informs her about Saisha’s parents. Kamini understands Saisha is related to Neil. She decides to meet Saisha and her family, once Saisha and KK are found.


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