Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita to get possessed


Raman and Ishita enjoy their time in London. She comes across the strange woman again. She tells Raman that she has seen that woman clearly. Raman doesn’t believe her and tells her that maybe she is imagining the woman. Ishita tells him that she is really scared of that woman. She gets upset that he doesn’t believe her. He tells her that he didn’t see anyone till now, but it doesn’t mean he has no faith in her. She apologizes to Raman. They get tired of sight seeing. She offers the water to Raman. He feeds the water to Ishita. He books the tickets to castle. He asks her to check out from hotel, so that they can stay in the castle.

Adi and Romi fall in trouble when they see Aaliya and Shagun in London. They hide from the ladies. Roshni tells them that Shagun didn’t see them. They ask Roshni to help them out. Roshni meets Aaliya and Shagun, and surprises them. Adi and Romi get caught. They accept their lie. Aaliya tells them that Mihika didn’t come. Shagun confronts Adi about his tattoo. Adi worries that Aaliya got to know even this. Adi and Romi get into an argument.

Shravan gets help from Parmeet. He does his work. Parmeet lies to him about the work. He wants to trap Shravan into wrong things. He feels this is a good way to hurt Bala. He sends drugs with Shravan. Raman and Ishita reach the hotel. Ishita consumes the water, which brings the spirit more closer to her. Ishita starts feeling sick after consuming the water. Roshni gets another surprise when she meets Raman. Raman tells her that he has come with Ishita. Ishita doesn’t feel good and leaves from there. Raman meets Adi and Romi and scolds them for their lie. Raman tells them that he planned a surprise for Ishita. He then gets surprised meeting Aaliya and Shagun. Ishita meets the family members. She gets glad to meet them. Ishita gets possessed by the spirit. She starts behaving weird.


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