Ikyawann: Rajshri’s surprising entry lined this week


Susheel’s new journey will begin. Susheel leaves her family after Dada ji abandons her. Dada ji just finds Susheel at fault and feels she is too unlucky for the family. He goes on insulting Susheel and blaming her for all the wrong happenings in their lives. Though the family members support her, she doesn’t want to hurt Dada ji further. She makes a leave from the family with a heavy heart. Susheel finds tough to live alone, but holds on her sorrows to gain strength. Susheel’s family worries for her.

Susheel wants to do something and make a name so that she can make her family proud. She wants to have a new identity and live her dreams. She lives in her new world. She gets support by Fighter Didi, who will train her in wrestling. Fighter Didi wants Susheel to succeed in life. She encourages Susheel and also lends emotional support. Susheel finds the training tough. Susheel doesn’t lose. Fighter Didi supports such women who had been tortured by their families and society. She teaches cooking skills too. She wants the women to become strong and independent to face any tough situation in life. Actress Rajshri Rani Pandey joins the show as Fighter Didi. She is the added surprise for Ikyawann’s fans.

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