Zee presents Mohabbat Ka Maha Sangam – Merger episode of Aap Ke Aa Jane Se & Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre


Devika meets Vedika and tells her that she has come for the couple dance competition. Vedika asks her about her dance partner. Devika teams up with Varun. Varun asks Sahil if Vedika agreed to perform with him. Sahil tells him that he will surely convince Vedika, as he is too determined. He gets ready to compete with his best friend Varun. Nidhi plans to hurt Vedika so that the latter doesn’t dance with Sahil in the competition. Nidhi wants to break their pairing.

Vedika falls in trouble. She gets scared when a cooker blasts in kitchen. Sahil reaches her and saves her in the nick of time. He hugs Vedika to protect her. The cooker hits Sahil and wounds him. Vedika gets worried seeing Sahil’s wounds. Nidhi has planned the cooker blast to hurt Vedika. Vedika doesn’t know about it. Sahil has a doubt on Nidhi and wants to confront her. Vedika and Sahil have a romantic moment. They come closer because of Nidhi’s evil move.

Vedika does the aid to Sahil’s wounds. Vedika also feels his pain. He asks her if she has realized her love for him. Sahil tells Vedika that he will always protect her, as he regards her as his wife. He loves Vedika a lot, and proves it once again by risking his life. Sahil likes Vedika’s care and wants to get hurt again and again, if he would earn Vedika’s concern.

Elsewhere, Varun and Devika rehearse for the dance competition. They have a cute fight during the rehearsals. Varun is determined to win the competition for the sake of money. He asks Devika to dance in sync, else they will lose. Devika loses her attention seeing other couples performing with confidence. He asks Devika to focus on her own performance. Varun asks Devika to match his steps and look at other girls who are complimenting their partners. She asks him to follow the guys who are dancing superbly. He says I will become superstar soon and the world will dance on my fingers. Their cute arguments go on. Sahil wants to win the competition and get his marriage and love for Vedika accepted by entire city. Varun wants to win the competition so that he can impress Devika and marry her. Who will win the Kanpur dance competition, Sahil-Vedika or Varun-Devika? Keep reading.

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