Laado 2: Shaurya gets keen to find love in Anushka

Anushka Shaurya engaged Tellyreviews

Anushka and Dadi come to meet Shaurya at his house, after knowing about his accident. Shaurya hides his wound from Dadi. Dadi asks him not to hide anything. She recollects that Shaurya got hurt same way many years ago. Bunty tells Dadi about Shaurya’s street fight. Dadi asks Anushka to be with Shaurya. Anushka catches Shaurya and Bunty’s lie. She scolds them for lying to Dadi. She says Shaurya didn’t get hurt while saving anyone, Shaurya is a cheat. She gets angry on them and goes. Shaurya gets much upset on her.

He asks Bunty how can Juhi do this, how can she end all our memories. He says I don’t know what she has gone through till now, but she is well aware about my sufferings, she knows everything and is still acting. He misses his love Juhi. He tells Bunty that Juhi doesn’t look the same, her eyes have no love for him, something is definitely wrong, she didn’t connect with my pain. He wants to see love and passion in Juhi’s eyes. He is hurt that his love turned into one-sided madness. Shaurya is finding love in Anushka.

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