Udaan’s new twist: Karan Oberoi to land in Aazaadgunj


Chakor meets a rich guy Karan Oberoi, who gets drawn to her after their first meet in the handicrafts exhibition conducted in Mumbai. He tells Chakor that Gauri’s talents are really good and he wants to visit her village to prosper it. Chakor gets glad that Gauri’s talents got recognized. She does the deal with Karan so that her village can get funding for the handicrafts export. Karan visits the villagers with Suraj and Chakor.

Suraj and Chakor welcome Karan and introduces him to the villagers. She says Karan has given 10 lakhs to Gauri, he will give employment to people here, we all should be grateful to Karan. She praises Karan. She tells them that the village can change because of Karan’s help. She wants Karan to direct them in making the village like modern cities.

He bonds with the villagers. He likes being with Chakor. He keeps his good image. He acts good with everyone. Karan tells them that he will get all modern day facilities for the village. He goes to help an old woman and pulls the water bucket from the well. He tries to impress Chakor. Suraj feels Karan is a really humble man. Karan will lead Aazaadgunj towards a good direction. Chakor doesn’t know Karan’s truth, that he is a psycho lover. Imli has returned to village and now aims to kidnap Saanvi. Chagan will be helping Imli in her motives, as he is much disappointed with Chakor.

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