Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: KaiRa to learn a shocking truth

Yeh Rishta Shocking: A depressing phase for KaiRa

Kartik and Naira don’t doubt on Suhana, as they don’t want to hurt Suwarna. They have a moment. Suhana gets happy that Naira fell in her trap. Kirti feels uneasy by the heavy jewelry. Naksh tells her that she is more important than anything else. He relieves her of the jewelry and wants her comfort level to be high. Aryan gets glad to welcome his friends and introduce his family to them. Savita steals Kirti’s bangle while talking to her. Suhana makes Kirti wear the bangle back. She asks Savita not to steal anything, as this can make them caught up. Kartik clicks Naira’s pictures and posts on her academy website. Someone else too clicks her pictures, getting smitten by her beauty.

Goenkas celebrate by dancing in the engagement ceremony. They get a big shock when Naira gets hurt. Naira had gone to get the engagement rings. Suhana and Rahul worked out their plan of robbing the rings so that they can blame Goenkas for the fault. Naira worries for the rings.


She apologizes to Dadi as she couldn’t protect the rings. The families worry for Naira. Manish tells Naira that she has to get her check up done first, they will wait for her to begin the engagement. They delay the engagement and apologize to Suhana. Naira recovers from the pain. The family gets the news that Naira is fine and coming back home. Savita tells them that engagement can’t happen as they have lost the ring. Suwarna tells them that they will arrange the ring from their side as well. Naira feels sorry for troubling everyone. Kartik asks her not to feel guilty, as she is most important for him. He takes Naira home. Suwarna makes Aryan and Suhana choose the rings.

Suhana chooses a big diamond ring to dupe Aryan. Kartik and Naira pass by a mental ward in the hospital and learn a shocking truth of the con bride Suhana. Naira tells Kartik that she had met this mentally unstable guy some days back, when she has seen Suhana with Aryan. Kartik gets a big shock. He decides to find out the matter so that they can save Aryan’s life. Suhana gets happy to get a costly ring. Kartik and Naira ask the doctor about the guy, who claims to know Suhana. Doctor tells them that its risky to take the guy home, as the guy is really dangerous. Kartik explains the matter to him. Doctor refuses to help them. Naira doesn’t want to lose, as she has to save Aryan. Kartik clicks the guy’s pic. The guy begs them to take him to Suhana, who is his wife. Naira decides to stop the engagement and expose Suhana.



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