Kaal Bhairav Rahasya: Indra to employ Gauri for the big task


Indra gets troubled by sighting Shambu. He gets tensed. Gauri happens to come across Indra’s fake passports. She gets to know his truth. She gets worried and understands that Indra is Seth ji. She tries to inform Thakur about Indra. Thakur tells them that they have reached the same place after travelling so much. Gauri goes to Thakur and tells him that Indra is Seth ji, who is cheating them as a CID officer. She asks Thakur and Lakhan to leave by some excuse. Preeti also sights Shambu Baba, who directs her for his motives. Namrata doesn’t let anyone touch her bags. No one knows that she is carrying the important Shivlings, which everyone is looking for. Thakur and Lakhan manage to flee by making an excuse. Gauri shares the truth with Latika and manages to escape with her.

Indra doubts on them. Shambu directs Yashpal, Rahul and Preeti, who reach Indra. Yashpal tells Indra that he won’t be spared now. Indra manages to run away from them. Rudra reaches Namrata and asks her to remember, she has to reach Rahul in Kashi. Indra tries to influence Minty by lying to her.


He gives her an important task to distract Yashpal and Rahul. Indra wants to be ahead of everyone. He then catches Gauri, and realizes she has made everyone flee. Gauri gets to see Indra’s real face and asks him how is he alive. Indra admits that he is Rahul’s elder brother, who has don Seth ji’s avatar to get the Shivlings. Indra demands Gauri to get the Shivlings for him. Gauri gets trapped.


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