Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika struggles to help Sahil

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Finally Sahil-Vedika have a union

Vedika is trying to free Sahil from jail. Nidha has got Sahil arrested for domestic violence. Vedika asks Pandey to give statement in Sahil’s favor. Pandey keeps dirty conditions in front of Vedika. He asks Vedika to dance for him and his friends, if she wants to see Sahil out of jail. She requests him to support the truth. She gets angry. She wants to prove Sahil innocent. She says it will be wrong with Sahil if he bears injustice. She asks him to take back the false statement against Sahil.

Pandey takes advantage of the situation. Badi Amma meets Sahil in the police station. She is ready to get him bailed out. She asks him to come back home. Sahil knows her plans and refuses to take her help. He tells her that he will just live with Vedika at their home. He doesn’t want Badi Amma to win. Sahil and Vedika face the troubles. Vedika can do anything to save Sahil. She will be risking her dignity for Sahil’s sake.


  1. Am a daily viewer of aapke aa jaane se.. It is having a good theme of vedika sahil..please dont make that theme bad… 2new charachters camee.please make vedika bold and make sahil vedika always together

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