Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Roshni’s return to influence Adi again


Aaliya tries to clear Adi’s misunderstandings. Adi doesn’t want to take orders from Mani. He asks Aaliya not to meddle with his work. Aaliya doesn’t want to argue with him to increase others’ worries. She asks him not to create troubles for Ishita and family. She asks Adi to come home for the festive. Raman and Romi discuss about finding Bhavna. Raman doesn’t want to risk Bhavna’s life by searching for her like any criminal. Roshni surprises Bhallas and Iyers by returning home. She tells them that she has come back home, as she has completed her course in London. She gets a place in Iyer house. Iyers give her a warm welcome.

Ishita likes Raman’s gifted dress. Raman gets glad that she liked it. He completes her look by styling her as a Punjabi girl. Raman tells her about the surprise. Ishita gets prepared to enjoy Baisakhi. Parmeet gives money to Shravan and wants to keep him in control. Parmeet turns evil to eye Roshni. He can’t believe her makeover. Roshni tells Bhallas that she is living with Iyers. Ruhi invites her for Baisakshi.


Roshni goes to meet Adi. Adi can’t believe Roshni has really come back. He thinks he is imagining. Roshni tells him that she has come back. Adi likes the pleasant surprise. Aaliya gets jealous seeing Roshni back. Parmeet senses their tension and tries to use Aaliya against Bhallas. Ishita and Raman get a good surprise on seeing Roshni. Raman surprises Ishita by showing her family in a never seen before Punjabi avatar. Parmeet and Simmi try to cook up a drama. Romi worries that Roshni can tell the family about the London incident. Adi trusts Roshni as she is his best friend. Aaliya feels Adi’s inclination towards Roshni. Ruhi can’t believe that Simmi has gone to her friend’s place. She gets doubtful about Simmi’s plans. She tries to find Simmi, and comes across Sonakshi’s spirit. Raman and Ishita dance and celebrate Baisakshi. Raman asks Ruhi not to worry, as police is already here to catch Bhavna if she comes. Shagun finds Aaliya upset. Shagun and Mani wish Adi and Aaliya to be happy together. Aaliya hides their differences from Mani. Shagun senses Roshni’s interference in Adi and Roshni’s life.


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