Ishqbaaz: Pinky to have a row with Roop


Pinky and Shakti try to save Shivay from Roop’s clutches. Shivay surrenders to Roop after knowing Anika is kidnapped by Veer. He asks Roop to stop Veer from harming Anika. Even then, Veer puts Anika in a water tank and leaves her to die. Shivay tries to save Anika. He agrees for re-marriage just for the sake of her life. Pinky tries to confront Roop and change her mind. Roop threatens Pinky. She says I can do anything if I want, entire family can be ruined, but I want you to be alive, so that you can see Shivay and Anika’s destruction. Pinky’s patience breaks. She hits Roop in a fit of rage. Roop falls down and gets injured.

Pinky tries to find a way to escape. She gets trapped by the goons. Pinky points a gun at Roop and asks her to cancel Shivay’s marriage. She asks Roop to let Shivay leave. Roop doesn’t care for her words. She asks Pinky whom is she scaring. She calls Pinky a coward, knowing she can’t shoot. Pinky tells Roop that she can shoot her as her motives are strong. Roop makes fun of Pinky.

Pinky worries and thinks just Shivay can save her from the mess. Roop tells Pinky that even if she gets shot, the goons won’t leave her. Pinky doesn’t worry for her life. She is ready to die and kill anyone to save her children. Roop scolds Pinky. She accuses Pinky for drawing her to this limit to become a criminal. She pleads her innocence. She tells Pinky that they have made her away from a little child, they are also sinners and will have to pay a price for this. Pinky doesn’t want Shivika to get separated. Roop asks Pinky to shoot her. She provokes Pinky. Roop snatches the gun from Pinky and asks her to let Shivay’s marriage happen. Pinky falls helpless.


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