Shakti: Harman-Jasleen’s marriage to halt


Preeto tries to make Harman realize Soumya’s sacrifice. She can’t believe that Harman is leaving Soumya forever, the girl for whom he has fought with the entire world. She asks him to recollect how he stood for Soumya always. She asks Harman was his love so weak that it vanished with Soumya’s one mistake. She tells him that one has to forgive his partner if he truly loves her. She tells him that his anger will make him regret later and also ruin Jasleen’s life. She asks Harman to at least think of Jasleen’s expectations from her life partner. She asks Harman if he will be able to love Jasleen. Harman recollects his love journey with Soumya.

Preeto dances in the marriage ceremony. Shorvori, Chakor, Anushka and others arrive to stop Harman’s re-marriage. Soumya is willingly conducting Harman’s marriage for the sake of his happiness. Chakor asks Soumya how can she leave Harman, if she loves him so much. Preeto doesn’t want the marriage to happen.

Preeto celebrates with everyone by hiding her sorrow. No one is happy as Soumya’s life is shattering. They all have a motive to change Harman’s mind. They explain Harman that he isn’t doing right. Harman gets in a dilemma. Aditya and Suraj ask Harman to convince Soumya by forgetting all his annoyances. Soumya goes on a different path, as she frees Harman from their love bond. She has given much happiness and wishes to Harman. She wants Harman to start a new life with Jasleen. Harman and Jasleen’s marriage will be stopped because of the united efforts of everyone.


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