Kaal Bhairav Rahasya: Indra to hunt for Shivlings in Kashi


Indra learns about Rahul and Yashpal’s plan to nab him. He gets angered that they took his warning light and came following again. Indra manages to save himself from entire police force. Indra makes his way to counter his enemies. Preeti tries to warn Yashpal about Indra. In no time, Indra stabs Yashpal in front of Preeti. He takes advantage of Rahul’s absence. Indra runs away from the temple. Rahul gets informed by the doctor that Gayatri is in the hospital. Gayatri tells doctor that she wants to meet Rahul. Rahul knows her request and tries to meet her. Gayatri wishes to give him clues about Indra.

Thakur learns about Rahul’s plans to protect Gauri, and wishes that Indra gets nabbed. Soon, he gets the news of Yashpal’s injury. Thakur prays that Yashpal survives the attack. Thakur gets more keen to see Indra getting punished. He feels helpless to be away from Gauri and Rahul, when they needed his help. Thakur lays his hopes and stays in Kashi, awaiting the holy Shivlings.


After Rudra rescues Namrata from the crazy family, she falls in another problem. Some men try to attack her. Shambu comes to protect Namrata. Shambu and Rudra make sure that Namrata is safe and reaches Kashi with the Shivlings. Indra takes Gauri along to an ashram. They reach Kashi and wait for the Shivlings to appear. Rahul learns about Indra’s place and takes a disguise to reach the ashram. Rahul tries to save Gauri.


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