Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira to secure Aryan’s happiness

Naira secure Aryan

Shubham/Aryan’s friend Kabeer has been stalking Naira since he first saw her in Aryan’s engagement ceremony. Kabeer gets smitted by her beauty. He gets floored after seeing Naira’s dance performance in the sangeet ceremony. He turns angry knowing Savita is trying to spoil Naira’s beauty. Kabeer teaches a lesson to Savita. He decides to not spare anyone who plots against Naira or tries to harm her. Kabeer learns about Suhana’s vicious motives against Naira. He wants to protect Naira, being her obsessed lover. He then follows Naira’s online profile on her dance academy website and leaves a lovely comment to win her heart. Naira just takes it as a fan’s comment and gets impressed. She shares her happiness with Kartik.

Later on, Suhana gets caught up and exposed in front of the family. Suhana and Rahul try to rob the jewelry and cash, and run away. Suhana adds drugs in the Tika to faint the entire family, so that she can rob everything. Suhana, Savita and Rahul rob all the assets. Suhana finds Naira semi-conscious and admits her crimes to her.


Rahul boasts of his smartness. Suhana says I knew its easy to fool them, Kartik and Naira feel they are very smart, they don’t know we are smarter. Suhana feels now she won’t need to rob anyone for years now, as they got much assets. She scolds Naira for plotting against her by getting Brijesh and reporter home. She says I have failed all your plans, be thankful that I m not hurting anyone, I made you do the Tika to everyone and assist me in my plans.

Suhana tells Naira that how cleverly she has mixed drugs in the Tika powder to faint the family to get away with their richness. The entire family falls unconscious after the Tilak rasam. Rahul rejoices on his fool-proof plan. He pities the Goenkas who got duped by them. He asks Suhana not to delay and just run away fast.

Naksh gets conscious and worries for Kirti, as she is pregnant. Suhana goes on blurting her truth being overconfident. She says everyone will get normal in the morning, but poor Aryan will be very much heartbroken. Lav and Kush wake up and find the family sleeping in the living hall. They wake up everyone. Naira gets everyone back to senses. She calls the police as well. Naira stops Suhana from getting away with the assets. She gets Suhana arrested. She exposes Suhana as the con bride. Kartik and Naira worry for Aryan’s broken heart. Manish feels proud of Naira, who has smartly failed Suhana’s wicked plans. He makes Suwarna realize her mistake of blindly believing her son’s choice. Suwarna worries for Aryan’s sorrow. Aryan too understands his mistake. He gets grateful to Naira for saving his life from a con bride.


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