TR’s Top Weekend Spoilers

Telly Reviews Weekend Spoilers 31st August 2019

Dil Se Dil Tak: Teni and Iqbal’s marriage arrangements begin. Teni does much shopping for her marriage. Iqbal tells her that he will always protect her, be it anyone who is chasing her. Teni asks him to be dutiful towards his mum first. She asks him will he take wife’s side and not care for his mum. He finds his mum upset and assures that he will always be with her. Teni and his mum play a prank on him. They like Iqbal’s sweet nature.


There is a new entry of a Naagin in Meera and Vivaan’s life. The Naagin gets after Vivaan when he passes by some ancient tree, on which she was residing. She decides to win Vivaan. She gets attracted to Vivaan. The Naagin appears in front of everyone. She is poisonous and scares everyone by her Vishkanya avatar. Meera, Vivaan and the entire family get a huge shock on seeing the flying Naagin at home. The Naagin tells everyone that she has come to take Vivaan with her. She pushes Meera away and injures her. She tells Vivaan that he is her lover, he has to come with her, else she will kill his entire family.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Ruksar is trying to separate Zara and Kabeer. Ruksar wants to get Kabeer in her life. Zara serves her tea and asks her to make a leave, as this is the last tea served to her. She wants Ruksar out of the house. She knows Ruksar’s intentions. She shows Ruksar her place. Zara is angry as Ruksar is crossing limits. Zara understands everything and gives a warning to Ruksar to stay away from Kabeer. On the other hand, a new guy Shiraaz gets after Zara. Zara gets kidnapped. Zara gets conscious at someone’s place. She meets Shiraaz and asks him why did she get him to his place. Shiraaz tells her that he loves her a lot, he used to chat with her on phone.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Sahil’s mum begs to Nidhi. Badi Amma compels Sahil’s mum to get insulted by Nidhi. Sahil can’t see his mum’s humiliation. He gets angered and tells them that he won’t leave Vedika, but he can give up his life. He doesn’t tolerate the drama. He supports his mum. He asks Badi Amma not to stoop low. He scolds Nidhi and her mum.


Harman finds Soumya finally at the bus station. He apologizes to her. Soumya didn’t expect Harman to reach her. She was leaving from the city, when Harman stops her in time and requests her not to go away. She refuses to stay back. She tells him that he has no right on her now, and he can’t stop her. He tells her that he still has a right on her, as he is still her husband. She apologizes if there is any trouble in his marriage or life because of her. He tells her that even if there is any trouble, she need not worry. She tells him that she doesn’t want him to have any sorrow. He cries and asks her to forgive him.


Chandra gets interested to watch the game of cricket played by the Britishers in the club. The inhumane Britishers find ways to humiliate Brij and Chandra. Brij is Manohar’s new roommate. He bonds with Chandra, finding him a sweet little boy. Brij understands Chandra is fearless, but doesn’t want him to fall in any trouble. Chandra visits his home every night secretly and sights his mum and dad missing him. He stays away from the family with a determination to become something. Chandra wants to get revenge from Watson. He recollects how Watson killed Sindhal in a cruel way. Chandra aims to make Watson pay for his crimes.


Suraj works hard in office. He is working for the development project. He doesn’t care for anything. He checks the bridge requirement list. He thanks the engineer for helping him. Chakor meets Suraj at office. She asks him why did he get late, she was waiting for him at home. Suraj tell her that he was busy in work, he was not intentionally staying away from home. Chakor tells him that Saanvi is missing him, he should come along. Suraj tells her that he will first finish the work and then come. Chakor refuses to go home alone. She insists him to come.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Ratan gets red in anger. He meets Kakusa and Yash at the cafe. He gets drunk and expresses his feelings. He tells Kakusa that they all are his strength. Ratan is happy that Diya believes him. Yash also doesn’t doubt on Ratan. Kakusa asks him to say one thing true, who is he, is he Ratan or Deepu. Ratan denies that he is Deepu. He gets upset seeing Kakusa doubting on him. He throws the dining top and gets angry. Ratan loses his cool when he is suspected to be fake. Everyone is worried and wants to know real Ratan.

Laado 2:

Anushka meets Komal. She learns Komal is married to an elderly man. Komal tries to help Anushka and spills tea over the documents. She acts to get hurt. She hands over a letter to Anushka. Komal and Anushka didn’t expect to meet each other. Komal wants the property matter to get delayed. Anushka didn’t know Malhari got Komal married to lawyer Dharam Singh. Anushka decides to help Komal. Komal is happy to know that Anushka is alive. She gets new hopes on seeing Anushka. She has to talk to Anushka and seek her help. She asks Anushka to call her on the number given so that they can stay in touch.

Nimki Mukhiya:
Nimki reaches Abhimanyu’s house to meet Elena. She gets upset when she finds his house locked. She leaves to check on them at the clinic. She wants to ensure that Abhimanyu and his family is fine. She tries to call Abhimanyu and know about his daughter. She is much concerned for Elena. She goes against Babbu and Tetar to visit Abhimanyu.

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