Nimki Mukhiya: Abhimanyu to target Tetar Singh


Abhimanyu blames Tetar with such accusations that Nimki and Babbu are left stunned. Abhimanyu and Tetar have a row in front of everyone. Abhimanyu raises a voice against Tetar. He accuses Tetar for feeding poison to the villagers instead medicines. He ruins Tetar’s image. He tells everyone that Tetar doesn’t deserve to become a minister. He asks Tetar about the bad drugs supply to the hospital. He tells Tetar that his daughter is fighting for his life because of him. He scolds Tetar.

Babbu takes a stand for his dad. Abhimanyu tells Nimki that Babbu is also a fraud like his dad. Nimki doesn’t understand the matter and asks Abhimanyu what happened to Elena, is she fine.

Abhimanyu tells her that he won’t go till he exposes Tetar’s crimes. He tells Tetar that if anyone dies in the hospital by the harmful medicines, the villagers will not leave him. He scolds Nimki for being a Mukhiya and not doing anything for the welfare of the villagers. She just worries for Elena. Abhimanyu asks her to open her eyes and wake up, she is a Mukhiya and holds big responsibility. He wants Nimki to look after entire village.


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