Kaal Bhairav Rahasya: Rahul prepares to defeat Indra’s vicious plans


Rudra gets attacked by the minister and his goons. Rudra fights back and kills all of them to go in search of Shivlings. Indra catches up everyone and wants to prove that he is the supreme person. Police reaches the ghat and asks everyone to vacate the ghat. He asks the people to leave, as a minister has got killed, situation will get worse. Swami ji tries to engage Indra and tricks him. He makes a way for Gauri to run away with the Shivlings. Swami ji directs her to take the Shivlings to the nearby temple and then head to Siddhpur. Gauri uses the opportunity and tricks Indra. She gets the Shivlings and runs away from the ghat.

Indra finds Gauri running with the bag. She tries to get help from someone. Indra chases Gauri. He asks her to give the Shivlings back, else she will lose her life. Rahul comes to Gauri’s rescue when Indra attacks her. Rahul asks Gauri to run away with the Shivlings. Rahul and Indra have a fight. Indra overpowers both of them.


Rudra reaches there on time and fights with Indra in order to save the holy Shivlings. Gauri runs away from there. She protects the Shivlings. Rudra sends Rahul after Gauri, who may need him. Rahul protects Gauri from Indra’s goons. Rahul tells Gauri that Rudra saved their lives and they have to save Rudra from Indra. Rudra and Indra’s fight continues for long. Indra stabs Rudra to kill him. He brutally kills Rudra and dumps him down. Rahul and Gauri find Rudra dead. They feel bad that they couldn’t save Rudra from Indra. Thakur awaits Rahul and Gauri. They all meet back in Siddhpur. Rahul gets a threatening call from Indra. Indra wants the Shivlings back. Rahul refuses to him. He asks Indra to do anything, but he won’t get the Shivlings. He regrets to have an elder brother like Indra. Rahul gets ready to face Indra’s evil and defeat him.


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