Shakti (PicFiction): A new entry to bring twists in Soumya’s life


Soumya has gone away from Harman. She sleeps on the road’s side. She finds hard to survive. She thinks of doing some petty work to arrange food for herself. She reaches a toy shop to get some work. The shopkeeper Sameer thinks she is a thief, as she is also carrying a soft toy with her. He misunderstands her and starts yelling at her for the theft. He calls the people there and asks them to catch the thief. He asks Soumya where did she steal more. Soumya tries to explain that its her soft toy, she didn’t steal the toy from his shop. He takes her test to know if she is capable to join him. He learns she isn’t a thief. Sameer gets assured that she is a helpless woman in need of work and money.

She tells him that she needs money to manage her expenses. He tells her that everyone needs money to survive in the world. He tells Soumya his sad love story. He says I m in love with some girl, I want to marry her, but she doesn’t like my poverty, I m not gaining profits at my shop, my life is stuck, but thankfully my shop is running.

He asks her to go somewhere else and find a job. He apologizes as he can’t help her. Sameer is a sweet guy with a good heart. He is a middle class person, struggling to earn a living and marry the girl of his choice. He feels bad when he sees Soumya not getting any work at other shops. Sameer thinks to give her a job at his small shop. Sameer will be entering Soumya’s life and bring new twists. Soumya lives with Harman’s memories. She wishes she could change her past and had a good life with Harman. Actor Sahil Mehta will be seen as the new lead Sameer.



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